About Us

Boaz Segal George



The Artist within -

drawing by hand & digital.










Born in New Delhi, India. Comes forth an Artist, who is deep rooted yet subtle. Filled with compassion and knowledge of both old and new, opts to enrich lives with colors luring out of his hands and vivid imagination.


Nostalgia is beautifully blissful and capturing the moment in Art, with a detailed eye, is a memory of a lifetime to preserve.


In a time when computers did not exist, his mother was a commercial artist for an advertising agency. Through her skills and knowledge, Boaz was introduced to free-hand drawing with the use of pencil and paper since early childhood years, which unlocked many channels in a gifted mind. In an age where, digital motion graphics like Web/Graphic-designing, 2D/3D Animation were still a dream back then, at least in India.


While pursuing a portion of education in the beautiful scandinavian land of Norway, he also received the opportunity to learn and understand people of different culture and traditions.

Homemade indian/ ayurvedic cooking art. We cook at your home & in your company.


Academical/Professional Info:

  • Certifications in Web-Designing and 2D Animation.
  • Freelancing in Art since the age of 15 for various clients and acquaintances.

Frauke Katharina George



Photographer & Framer.






  •  Aquila-images

Unadulterated family photography and individual framing.

Visual representation of patient histories during homoeopathic treatment. Topical Wall Design for clinics of healing practitioners and physicians, medical school and hospitals.

  • Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital; Neu Delhi/ India
  • Ayurveda Academy International; Munich/ India

Visual representation of traditional ayurvedic medizin and Yoga for educational use and subject specific wall decoration of the academy. 

  • Assistant of the homoeopathic research,- and education project; Dehradun/ India

Therapeutical application and visual documentation of homoeopathic patient cases.

  • Author of homoeopathic literature

Publication of the homoeopathic remedy proof: Nymphea alba, “The Water Lily”.

  • Education and Exam of Healing Practitioner

Center for Natural Healing and Homoeopathy; Ravensburg/ Germany.