The Water Lily

About the remembrance of being a woman


The book is based on the experiences of the handmade homoeopathic drug preparation (trituration) and proving, of the so far less known plant Nymphea alba (latin), 'The Water Lily'. A pictorial narrative written compendium of this astonishing effective conception. 


The author, Frauke Katharina George (Wegmann), describes the deep picture, its impact symptoms and areas of influence of the homoeopathic drug. Latter mainly relates to the loss of natural sensual feminity in todays-rushing-world, often airtight, involving the effects of the beauty of original composition between man and woman.


Even the well known term 'Nymph' refers to the affected areas of the drug action. The interpretation of 'Nymphea' stands for 'female deity', 'nature deity', 'young woman', 'bride'. A Lotus flower is considered as holy plant and symbol for fertility, purity and eternal life. The (male) reviewer might partially miss the hard facts, as the watery element is not easy to grasp for the intellect. 


The homoeopathic drug proving and its main stories resulted in Germany & India and till today it exceeds national borders.  

The printed edition of the book is handmade by Indian women, while each copy seals a unique exemplar. A book, which apparently appeals to the female soul; if reaching the men's, unsuspected unfolding reveals.

"You will be like an irrigated garden,

on fertile ground,

and it should regenerate through you,

what was lying withered long ago."

isbn: 987-3-00-020988-8

written in German

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