photographic Homoeopathy

Patient Case, and the choise of homoeopathic medicine

is based on Sympton Similarity. Main suffering of patient is similar to the field of action of the applied homoeopathic medicine.

Patient before supplied by homoeopathic remedy

Patient after supplied by homoeopathic remedy

Symptom Similarity of patient case & the applied homoeopathic medicine:

Dullness/ Sluggishness

(Lethargy, lassitude, inactivity, showing an unusual lack of energy, lazy, phlegm.) 

- sadness, mental depression;

- emotions, from;

- exertion, < from mental;

- indifference;

- indolence, lazy, aversion to work;

- prostration of mind;

- senses, dullness of;

- slowness;

- torpor (numbness, mental dullness)



(solidification - term for state of motionlessness, without mental and physical activity visible from outside. Dizziness, numbness, dullness. In occurrence of psychotic depression or intoxication.)

- insanity, madness, alternating with stupor;

- solidification, numbness;

- stupefaction 



- desires;

- sensation of;

- thoughts of;

- loathing life;

- fear, death of





- senses, dullness of;

- numbness, externally, internally, parts of;

- irritability, lack of



(a temporary state of mental confusion and fluctuating consciousness resulting from intoxication, shock or other causes. It is characterized by anxiety, disorientation, hallucinations, delusions and incoherent speech.)

- night;

- antics, plays;

- anxious;

- blames himself for his folly



- anger, ailments after anger with fright;

- anxiety, fright after;

- delirium, frightful;

- fright, complaints from;

- frightened easily;

- sleep, dreams frightful;

- weakness, fright from;

- convulsions, fright from


Asks for nothing

- dream, as if in a;

- home, desire to go;

- indifference, pleasure to;

- confidence, self, deficiency;

- answers, aversion to;

- talk, indisposed to, desire to be silent;

- mortification, ailments after;

- timidity;

- reproach, ailments after



- delirium, cheerful, foolish, silly