Treasures of Homoeopathy

Carduus Marianus - St. Mary's Thistle

Papaver Somniferum

Source of medicine is the gummi exudation of the unripe capsula of the poppy. Preparation of the homoeopathic medicine is made out of the dried poppy milkjuice.





Psoralia corylifolia 


Lac Lupi - Wolfsmilk








Mental and inner symptoms of the morbidly affected vital force and internally impact areas of homoeopathic medicines are undetectable for the eye. Aquila-Images is connecting homoeopathic life-images with drawing-skills of detailed characteristics of homoeopathic remedies and cases. 

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Properties, origin, nature and morphology of the crude substances, pharmacological action  and their therapeutic use.









Experienced remedy description.

Nymphea alba - White waterlily

Production of alcohol through organic sugarcane. Used for diluting and preservation of homoeopathic drugs and preparation of mother tinctures.

Apium graveolens - Calery

Ocinum sanctum - Holy Basil, Tulsi